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Sariling Bait

“The capacity to think and decide for oneself”

Martial Law was an era of dictatorship and tyranny.

It was one of the darkest moments of our nation’s history.

The blind following of powerful people to the Dictator Ferdinand Marcos lead our country to rot.

Freedom, justice and life were privileges only given to some.

Back then, whatever the dictator says, his cronies will follow.

Today, we see a resemblance of the terror that once haunted us.


“Sariling Bait”, courtesy of GGM Publishing and interpreted by Annie Lux is a rendition that depicts blind following towards a leader.

From the elements shown in the music video to the message that the song portrays, Sariling Bait throws a strong punch about the reality of today.

Leaders and supporters today are seemingly hypnotized people not minding foul language and harsh consequences of the administration’s policies.

They may be physically functioning individuals, but they have lost the capacity to think and decide for oneself.

Nawalan sila ng Sariling Bait.

"Sariling Bait"Salamat po sa lahat na nag-ambag-ambag upang mabuo ang munting handog na ito. Ang LAPIS (League of Authors of Public Interest Songs) ay isang non-profit organization na pinatatakbo ng “kusa power” ng mga kabataang volunteers.I-encourage po natin sila na magpursigi at magpatuloy na pandayin ang kritikal na pag-iisip sa isang lipunang kapaki-pakinabang sa karamihan. Sa mga ibig pong suportahan din ang LAPIS sa pagpopondo ng mga productions nito, maari n'yo pong ipadala sa Paypal account or message us for other options :)Thank you!_______________________ Annie Lux, Anne Marie Bañaga Ala interpreter; Dominic Benedicto, resident arranger; Maki Liwanag Maki Light, resident producer; Tina Rempillio Revenite Ollipmer, admin staff; Carmela San Pedro Carmela St Peter, finance; Caitlin Caseñas Caitlin Louise M. Casenas, executive director.

Posted by Gary Granada on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nangangamoy – Dong Abay

Stink (Lyrics) English Translation


I thought you were different

Unlike them, your conscience was clear

Your secrets concealed in the dark

Hide them all you want, you’ll be found out

Wash all you want, your blackening heart

Your evil will smell, oh it will stink


Will stink, it stinks, it has stunk


Really an old story, it has happened before

What’s history is still happening now

The promise of change ended up a slogan

You’re more nefarious than the one you replaced

In your term of office it’s all gotten worse

You’re callous and deaf to the people’s tears


Will stink, it stinks, it has stunk


The drugs persist, the traffic, the troubles

Corruption in government, people without work

The people you appoint are just incompetent

Crime all over, killings here, there, everywhere


Will stink, it stinks, it has stunk


Translated By: Mr. Marne Kilates


UOD – Ebe Dancel

Earthworm (Lyrics) English Translation


Earthworms in the stomach

started dancing wild

to the tune of hunger

a stomach empty and void


And in the heat of the sun

was once again cooked

were tons of garbage

that will be their feast


Like you, like me

estranged dogs in this world

Like you, like me

delirious people in this world


The delirious people

started laughing hard

to the tune of greed

an empty void heart


And in the flow of tears

the poor dog got used to

in a life that was shamelessly

taken away by a delirious master


Like you, like me

estranged dogs in this world

Like you, like me

delirious people in this world


Translated By: Mr. Reigner Sanchez


LABAN – Agot Isidro

PORBIDA – Gary Granada

NORMAL – Gary Granada

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