About Lapis

Meet the Founders



Cooky Chua
In 1997, Cooky Chua played Lidy opposite Chikoy’s lead character in the original Filipino musical LEAN (a sung-thru narrative of the life and times of mass leader and slain activist Lean Alejandro) among a formidable cast that included Bayang Barrios and the now OPM fixture Noel Cabangon. The extensive vocal versatility of Cooky is legend. She can effortless traverse between pop, rock, jazz, folk, dance, kundiman and theater music at a flick of a passing chord! That explains why she is probably the busiest among the five gigswise, shifting gears from performing solo, guesting in other bands, doing session works, collaborating on composite tours and playing bandlead and manager of her very own silver year group of high school classmates and friends, Color It Red, with equal ease.
Gary Granada
Considered by some as the country’s most prolific living composer and lyricist, Gary Granada’s body of works span across three decades that includes a wide discography of genres and subjects – from inspirational to mainstream advertising, children’s songs to institutional anthems, political satire or lovesongs, including two full-length sung-thru musicals Sino Ka Ba Jose Rizal and LEAN. However the love of Gary’s life is teaching, which landed him a tutorship in a graduate class course at the UP Open University. “All I really hoped to accomplish is get my songs played in classrooms.”
Bayang Barrios
Bayang Barrios was front female vocals for the Davao-bred Bagong Lumad ethno-folk ensemble. Hers is the iconic voice behind Walang Ibang Sadya, Awit ng Mortal and many other Joey Ayala classics. When Bagong Lumad disbanded in the earlier half of the nineties, Bayang Barrios started writing her own pieces and producing albums by herself. A couple of festival grand winners later, she claims her own patent in the OPM scene. Malayo Man Malapit Din, Bagong Umaga, Harinawa (Mike Villegas), Mapayapang Mundo and more have since become Bayang’s very own signatures.
Lolita Carbon
Put together, the musical compositions of Lolita Carbon of the quintessential Pinoy band Asin (Salt) are the most publicly recognizable songs of the core group’s works. The same may be said of her distinctive one-of-a-kind franchise vocal timbre. It is difficult to tell which lifts which, voice or song, when listening to timeless priceless original Pilipino musical treasures Kapaligiran, Usok, Musika, Magulang, Pagbabalik or Himig ng Pag-ibig. How such a natural knack for popular songwriting and gift of voice converge in one rare soul is indeed one happy account in the annals of Philippine music.
Chikoy Pura
Chikoy Pura’s epic band The Jerks is said to be the longest running punk rock act in the country. Formed in the latter part of the seventies, the currently barebone 3-piece set-up have seen over a dozen permutations over the decades that involved easily over a couple of dozen session musicians. Chikoy though stays at the helm as front man and guitarist, but more importantly as the progressive side of the band’s songwriter. Haligi ng Maynila, Rage, Reklamo and Sayaw sa Bubog are some of the Jerks’s original hallmarks. Politically incisive and uncompromising, yet groovy and engaging – an intricate balancing act that only a firmly grounded songwriter and advocate of public interest music can juggle with rockstarly confidence.