TDC Conference

TDC Conference

The academe provides structured training for the nation’s future, so that they may be effective, progressive contributors to the society.

Playing a vital role in nurturing students outside their homes are our teachers.

They stand as secondary parents who make sure students are properly informed, and equipped with the appropriate skills they might need in the future.

We owe it to our educators that we have the knowledge and skills that we do now.

Those who we have grown to know as our teachers, are also people.

They have their rights, and are due much respect for what they have done, and continue to do for us, and the entire society.

For those rights that are forgotten, and to continue to fight for them, the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition is formed to protect educators in the Philippines from abuse, getting overworked and underpaid.

Last July 31, 2017, TDC’s cultural group, TDC-SiNAG (Sining ng Ating Guro), hosted a Whole Day Arts Session for Teachers.

Among the invited Teacher-Artist participants was CPMA winner Eros S. Atalia, Tanghalang Banyuhay Inc. founder Roderick Alo, and Progressive Singer-Songwriter Gary Granada.

Following their introductions, the Teacher-Artists simultaneously facilitated workshops for Theatre and Dance, Songwriting and Creative Writing.

Roderick Alo conducted some exercises coming from the longer, more extensive basic integrated theatre arts workshop.

On the other side of the conference was Sir Eros Atalia discussing different basic rules and practices in Filipino poetry and creative writing.

Together with Eros Atalia was Gary Granada of team LAPIS, in discussing the poetry in music, and arranging melodies and rhymes.

It was unfortunate that everyone only had a day to do what had to be done.

However, the excitement that came from both teachers and Teacher-Artists allowed for a very smooth Whole Day Arts Session for Teachers.

Prior to the workshops, future plans of the TDC as discussed.

On the list was a platform for teachers to write on regarding various topics that they want to discuss as educators and professionals.

In line with this, LAPIS introduced Teachers Teach, an online platform on the portal where teachers can write about the experience of discussing Public Interest songs with their students.

It may be reflective, or objective, or a progressive commentary, all depending on how the songs were used. Teachers may have one-time features published under Teachers Teach, or have their own series as a Lapis regular teacher contributor and partner.

Another feature from LAPIS partner, Choir ng Bayan, was the Choir ng Bayan app. Post-discussion and introduction, the app received a warm reception from TDC teachers.

Through the CNB app, they can train their students with simple listening, no learning and reading of notes required.

Paired with LAPIS future plan of having weekend sessions for aspiring choir conductors, this makes leading a school or community choir easier for everyone.

For students and teachers alike, the learning never really stops.

The academe evolves and adapts to what kind of students the society needs, and teachers need to stay at par with that ever-evolving standard.

TDC-Sinag keeps the cultural and artistic sides of teachers in check, making sure that our culture is nurtured, and enriched in the academe, while our local art is also appreciated by the young ones inside and outside of the academe.

LAPIS aims to further enrich cultural appreciation, together with social awareness, through public interest songs, designed not to just be published, but having modern day students in mind who may listen to it in the confines of an academic setting.

Author: Maki Liwanag


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